Polotsk State University

Polotsk State University

Polotsk State University was founded in 1968. Based on the results of research work of university students during the last 10 years is considered a leader among the leading universities of the Republic of Belarus.

About 80% of respondents at the republican competition of student scientific works are marked by different categories. Polotsk State University has an agreement on cooperation in the field of education, science and culture with the high technical schools of Munich and Mannheim (Germany), the Royal Technological Institute and the University of Växjö (Sweden), the University of Genoa (Italy). Within the framework of these agreements, an exchange is conducted for training and practical study between the lectures and students of the mentioned universities.


- Faculty of Civil Engineering

- Faculty of Engineering and Technology

- Historical and Philological Faculty

- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Transport

- Radio Engineering Faculty

- Sports and Pedagogical Faculty

- Faculty of Information Technology

- Faculty of Finance and Economics

- Faculty of Law

- Faculty for work with foreign students

- Faculty of pre-university training