Health center «Priozorniy»

Health center «Priozorniy»

Health center «Priozorniy» – Health center which is rightfully considered one of the best spa resorts in Belarus.

This is the place where quality and effective treatment, tasty and healthy food, as well as attentive friendly environment are successfully combined.

Here you can strengthen your health, get a long charge of vivacity and positive.

Health center «Priozorniy» Is located on the shore of the lake «Naroch». 166 km from Minsk, 70 km from  Molodechno town, 15 km from Madel town, 2 km from Naroch village, 400 m from «Naroch» lake.



 1.Health center and resort permit

 2.Permit starts from 12 days with accommodation, meals and treatment

 3.Treatment is provided according to the list of procedures included in the cost of the  hotel voucher.

Health-giving permit :

Package for up to 12 days with accommodation, meals, wellness services

Without treatment.

Weekend tour

3 days tour (Friday - Sunday) with accommodation and meals.


Medical profile:

·Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue  

·Diseases of the genitourinary system

·Diseases of the nervous system

·Metabolic disorders

·Diseases of the digestive system

·Diseases of the circulatory system


Number of meals: 4 per day

Type of food - diet menu, vegetarian menu, individual menu.

Type of menu – pre order (From third day) with elements if buffet (Vegetable table, pastry, soups, drinks) or buffet (as option).


Free service:

- Wi-Fi in all rooms

- 24-hour medical supervision

- Security

- Library (transition from the building "Priozerny" to the dining room)

- Free mini-library (building "Lazurniy")

- Branch bank «Belarusbank» (building «Lechebniy»)

- Convention hall

- Evenings of rest и Discos in the dance hall

- Music and entertainment programs for children and adults

- Ritual and folk festivals

- A corner of unity with nature

- Aero-solarium

- Kneip's path

- Domestic services

Paid service:  

- Hairdresser and manicure cabinet (the building "Priozerny", foyer)

- Solarium (vertical)

- Shops (the building "Lazurny", 1 floor, the building "Medicinal", at the pool)

- Pharmacy kiosk (body "Azure)

- A cell for storing valuables (the building "Priozerny", hall)

- Mini-photo studio (building "Priozerny")

- Parking (chargeable)

- Excursion bureau

For Children:

Children are admitted to the health center accompanied by adults.

Treatment is provided to children from 15 years of age.

For kids the health center offers the following services:

- A children's room with an experienced teacher-organizer (the building "Priozerny", 3 floor, in the summer, works daily, Except for weekends)

- Table football, children's cafe (to the right of the entrance to the building "Lazurniy", works in the summer)

- A new modern playground

- Rental of children's bicycles, scooters, rollers (works in the summer, located on the Fontanka site)

- Inflatable slide, trampoline

- Mini-football (it functions in the summer, balls can be taken at the rental office)

- Shares for children in the health center